(International-67) Dalian, the most expensive city in China? Not Beijing?


SPECIAL NOTE: During my last year as a visiting professor in China, I went with my boss (Head of the English Language Department in my school) to Dalian to attend a consultative conference focusing on producing and writing new books for teaching the English Language in China. During 2015-2017, I wrote two books SPEAKING ENGLISH for this group. Book One was used in 2017-2018, Book Two the following school year. Anyway, That was some time in 2015 and I remember vividly the city of Dalian was a much slower paced city than, say, Beijing, Shenzhen or even Xiamen, where I was working. While constructions were everywhere in Xiamen and many other cities, I did not see that in Dalian, and now Dalian is considered the most expensive city to live in China? The article made it a point to say buying a house in Dalian is excluded from the discussion, only rental costs are in. Any way, go to ‘sleepy’ Dalian to find out for yourself..nothing compared with the hustle and bustle of a Beijing or a Shanghai or a Shenzhen in China. Peace passion power, Steve    Xiamen, China March 26, 2018


Dalian surpasses Beijing on living costs
By Zhang Jie | chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2018-03-26
Business magazine The Economist’s consulting arm ranked 133 cities around the world on living cost.
Singapore remains the world’s most expensive city in 2018, followed by Paris and Zurich.
Hong Kong ranked fourth on the list, making it China’s most expensive city for the third consecutive year.
On the latest list, Dalian on China’s northeastern coast has surpassed Beijing in living costs.
The 10 most expensive Chinese cities are Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Dalian, Beijing, Taipei, Guangzhou, Qingdao, Tianjin and Suzhou.
The Economist Intelligence Unit said the ranking draws upon a comprehensive underlying data set, including over 400 individual price points across 160 goods and services in these cities, and it provides a reference to expatriates and business travelers.

The ranking considers housing rent cost, but housing cost on purchase, a huge portion of living costs for local people, is excluded. This is one reason why Dalian’s living cost is higher than Beijing’s.


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