SPECIAL NOTE: Did I make a wrong personal decision to return to China after the busy Spring Festival holidays…when most people would return home to be with their families. In one word, a time to enjoy home and families and loved ones. I decided not to return to China during the Spring Festival or Chinese New Year, the most important holidays for the whole nation and for everyone in China. Once bitten twice shy? I was in China in China in 2016 for the New Year and I remembered telling myself NEVER TO VISIT CHINA AGAIN DURING THE CHINESE NEW YEAR…I could not stand all the cooking and eating from house to house…I did not feel good at all, just eating and eating from family to family, yes, I am Chinese and I understand the Chinese hospitality. So this year 2018 I avoided going through the same eating rituals in China. Here is the problem I encountered now…and I should have known better…after the holidays, most people are busy working working and working, and that means it is harder for them to take time off for me to visit them. Simple logic, simple thinking, simple reality of life! In a way it is not a good time to visit China after any major national or public holiday…people are busy chasing after their dreams and this leaves them very little time to allow me to visit them…a decision I will have to reconsider in my future plans to return to China!  You can’t have everything, right? Peace passion power, Xiamen, China March 26, 2018


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