(China-64) SHARING CATS is bad business, some think!


SPECIAL NOTE: In America, you do not mix foods and animals in the same business building…however clean the animal. Another example, most Chinese would never understand: In USA, most businesses cannot operate without a public toilet facility…especially in restaurants. Not so in China. So animals are simply not allowed in places where any kind of foods are served. I was in one of these places in China a few years ago where the coffee shop had a few cats wondering around for love, ahahahaha…I remember I loved the establishment…But someone is arguing now in China that “The essence of the sharing economy lies in making use of excessive social resources to improve efficiency and reduce waste. But cats are not excessive social resources.” Business is business, we Americans would like to say, so I do not see anything wrong with this cat venture in the public markets! Another argument, “we should not build our happiness on animals’ misery”. What? You mean the writer suddenly realizes we should not use other people for our own happiness? This would be a new revolutionary idea…because I have always known humans exploit one another for personal, selfish gains…even “love” is so selfish that I challenged my students once with “If you find pure love, please let me know…”. I love you because I want something from you, and once that something is gone or depleted, there is the divorce, ahahahahaha! We have been using external things, things or animals, for personal gains or happiness since the beginning of time…unselfish love for your cats??? Give me a break, ok? Anyway, I love cats, and I used to have two Siamese…A & B had departed from this earth…I miss them so! Peace passion power, Steve    Xiamen, China, March 24, 2018


Public hisses at cat-sharing service over concerns about animal welfare
By ZHOU MO | Updated: 2018-02-03  China Daily

A cat shop in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, recently sparked public criticism after launching a cat-sharing service.

According to the shop’s rental agreement, which was circulated online, people can rent a cat for 39.90 yuan ($6.35) a day after paying a deposit of 2,500 yuan. The rent is paid on a monthly basis.

The cats will undergo health tests before and after the rental period to ensure that they are healthy, the shop said. The deposit will not be refunded if the cats are unhealthy or dead when they are returned, it said.

According to the agreement, people who are found to have abused the cats won’t have their deposit returned and will be held accountable.

The service provides temporary companionship for people who love cats but do not have the time or money to keep one regularly, according to the shop named Jixiang, which means “auspicious omen” in English.

It is believed to be the first time in China, where the sharing economy has grown rapidly in recent years, particularly for bikes and cars, that sharing has involved something alive.

However, the service has sparked public condemnation, with many people considering it a neglect of animal well-being.

“The move by the shop is a misuse of the shared-economy model,” said 31-year-old Xiong Mei, who has two cats in her apartment in Shenzhen.
The essence of the sharing economy lies in making use of excessive social resources to improve efficiency and reduce waste. But cats are not excessive social resources.

They are not items that can be transferred from one person to another. They are living and have emotions. They should be given more respect.”

An Jun, another Shenzhen resident, said, “Although the service offers an opportunity for pet lovers, we should not build our happiness on animals’ misery.”
The pet shop could not be reached for comment.


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