SPECIAL NOTE: A Chinese student in America said I am an APOLOGIST for the communist party; Another former student, just promoted to be a branch manager of a Bank of China and also a branch party secretary (he is too young for his responsibilities) said I am a good communist because I love China so deeply and also because of what I wrote IN DEFENSE OF PRESIDENT XI….I am touched, inspired, honored, intrigued, but not troubled by all these LABELS, as we would say in America today. I can LABEL you a Buddhist, or a Christian, not because you a member of a Buddhist temple or a member of a Christian church, but because of your deeds…your humanity to others in this world…your kindness to the birds and the people like the renowned St Francis of Assisi…it is a mere label to me…am I a communist because I love China because China is where my grandparents originally hailed from? Call it whatever you want, I will always love my motherland, the land of my grandparents…now as a college professor and an author I love China more than any other country on this planet earth, because I happen to love this once mysterious country veiled in secrecy,  with all is glories and innovations and achievements and what President Xi is doing to correct the wrongs of the past many decades, doing the great reforms started by Deng Xiaoping in the early 80s and President Xi is doing that and more…his Chinese Dream and his focus on SOCIALISM WITH CHINESE CHARACTERISTICS continue to make China the envy of the whole civilised world…in many ways China remains unbeatable and its achievements within a short period of period sui generis, in the world…no known country in this world has achieve so much in such a short time…only China under stable government and progressive policies are able to achieve what China is today, in the eyes of the world…no leader can boast that…yes Alexander the Great did conquer the world then, but not the technological innovations and implementation under President Xi and now spreading like the Christian gospel or Islam many moons ago…it is like cancer except President Xi‘s Road and Belt Initiative is ushering a whole new age of changes for better health in every aspect of the human endeavors in the world! He should receive a Nobel Prize for his peaceful dream and achievements around the globe…am I a communist for saying this? A friend in China wrote I am a good communist because I love China deeply and writing in praise of its new paramount leader President Xi…and if you are a Chinese living in China and does not see this, then you should be put away in exile …you do not belong to China, the country that is now allowing you the good life with all your dreams coming true, and enjoy a good life never possible before…you should be ashamed to be a Chinese if you do not see that or acknowledge this…that because of President Xi, you are having the best life ever in China within the past 4 decades since Deng Xiaoping took over China and his ideals and ideas are being continued and improved by Prewsident Xi…I am proud of be a Chinese and I am proud that my grandparents hailed from the province of Fujian, China…where President Xi spent the critical and informative period of his life as a public servant. Long live President Xi! Stephen Xiamen March 19 2018

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