(International-60) Soon in Japan, if you are 18, you will be considered AN ADULT

SPECIAL NOTE: If it is true that most young people are not interested in having relationships or sex, lowering the age to allow them to marry at 18…really makes no different to the young adults in Japan. Japan tried to offer cash incentives to women who are already mothers to have more children, there are few takers! A stubborn Japanese or this is the nature of Japanese society! I doubt changing the age of adulthood to 18 will make much difference in a very structured society! Japan is a very traditional society with too many restrictions on human behaviors and traditions…look at Modern China…beneath all the modernization, globalization, internationalization, westernization, China remains a very Confucian society government by ancient rules, customs and laws…the modern youth in China is still a product of this cultural heritage…it is beneath the surface…and Chinese people will forever be obedient to their rulers…deeply rooted in Confucian society…you kowtow to the emperors, no exceptions…you obey the highest authority in the land, no exceptions…that is why whatever President Xi does, he will be successful in a Confucian society…Mao and the Red Guards tried to kill and bury Confucian beliefs, temples and influences, today it has resurrected under Deng Xiaoping and is the very foundation of the Chinese society, you obey, you listen, you are a product of Confucianism! Through and through…right to the marrow of your bones! So changing the adult age to 18 will not change much of Japanese young adults…they are not interested in sex or marriage, etc. Yes, Japan will suffer because not many children are born each year, yet the stubborn Japanese government is reluctant to admit or allow new immigrants to the country! Peace passion power, Steve Xiamen, China, March 14, 2018    



Japan plans to lower age of adulthood to 18 BBC March 14, 2018
• ShareChildren in Japan will be considered adults when they are 18 as opposed to 20, under a new proposal that is supported by the government.

If the change is approved, 18-year-olds will be able to get married, sign contracts and take out loans without the consent of their parents.

But teenagers will still be banned from smoking, drinking alcohol and gambling until they are 20.

If parliament votes in favour of the bill it will take effect in 2022.
It would be the first change to the law that defines adulthood since it was set in 1876.
 ‘Adolescence now lasts from 10 to 24’
 At what age do you reach adulthood?

Under the existing law, people under 20 can only get married with the consent of their parents. Men can do so at 18 and women at 16.

But this amendment will raise the age that women can get married so that all 18-year-olds will be able to do so without parental consent.

The government decided to make the age of marriage the same for both sexes because there was no justifiable reason for the difference, according to Japan’s Kyodo news service.

Separately, the bill will allow 18 and 19-year-olds to sign contracts for mobile phones and credit cards.

This has led to fears that some businesses may use sales tactics that target and exploit vulnerable young people.

The bill includes clauses that are designed to protect against this problem. For example, young people will be able to cancel a contract if they believe salespeople have manipulated or pressured them into signing it.

The Education and Justice Ministries have also said they will educate teenagers about the responsibilities that would come with the change.

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