(International-59) Sexless Japan?


Japanese young people ‘not having sex’
Japan’s youth seem to have gone off sex.
According to new research, there are increasing numbers who have never had, or are currently not having, a physical relationship.
But is this down to low self esteem or simply not being bothered? The BBC’s Tokyo correspondent Rupert Wingfield-Hayes has been trying to find out.
• 06 Jul 2017

SPECIAL NOTE: I am now in Xiamen, China and I happened to see this report on BBC NEWS…I watched reporter Rupert Wingfield-Hayes as he talked to different young adults in Japan about their personal or sex lives: He discovered 40 % said they are virgins, 64 % said they have no relationships. One man said finding women is scary, so he would prefer to focus on hobbies. Also fear of rejection by women is a big factor, In an interview with a small group of women, they think different. Sex, for one female, with his boyfriend is part of life. You have to ask for a date first if you expect anything to happen, one said. One said, men cannot be bothered about this…One female executive said: I need sleep and foods, not sex.,…Sex is something I do not need or desire. One also said that to have a boy friend is to limit your freedom. Men prefer Internet or porn sex…so many are entering their 30s without sexual relationships!

IS THIS REPORT FOR REAL? I spent 7 years as a visiting professor in China. Almost many students are exposed to Japanese sex in adult videos or movies. So much so I suspected every Japanese I might meet in a street somewhere in Japan was involved with porn production…Just my own perception after hearing many stories of Chinese men being exposed at very young age to Japanese pornography in China…some at very young age, according to my many students. So in the interviews with Japanese men and women, I also got the feeling men could not be bothered to date or to have real sex when they could enjoy internet or porn sex in Japan. Why bother with dating or having real sex with scary women! Peace passion power, Steve    Xiamen, China March 13

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