SPECIAL NOTE: MANY Americans and people around the world are asking the question: Is it a good idea for President X Jinping to be President for life? People are worried because they are afraid if you allow a president or any leader to stay in office for life, this leader might become a Despot, a Tyrant, a bad person who will take away all your freedoms…so people are not happy that President Xi should become President for life? Or President Xi might become another Chairman Mao Zedong? or another Emperor of China? If you have lived in China, you will not think bad about this…because many old people in China had bad experiences with Chariman Mao Zedong…in fact, many old people would tell you they suffered greatly under Chairman Mao…Many lost their lands. Many were sent to the countrysides to be re-educated the communist way…so today, I found many grandparents refused to talk to me about Mao or the Cultural Revolution 1967-1977 …a terrible period in Chinese History. So, what I do think about this? Nothing to fear…because President5 Xi would not want to be another Chairman Mao…it was a difficult period in Chinese history. Nobody wants to go back to the days of Chairman Mao…so, I do not worry about President Xi and another Chairman Mao..since 2013 when Xi took over the presidency of China, he has done many things to improve the country, wo men de guojia, the people in china is the guojia…he wants the country, everyone, to have a good life, the good life is not only for the rich and famous, the good life is for everyone in China…so President Xi continues to work hard to make sure everyone, in the cities? in the countrysides? in many far away areas in China…that everyone should have a good life with the Chinese government…President Xi believes in SOCIALISM WITH CHINESE CHARACTERISTICS…that means, he wants the whole country to have a good,happy and harmonious life…so, do not worry, President Xi is not going to become another Chairman Mao. Yes, Yes, President Xi will not tolerate corrupt government officials, he would not want government officials to take advantage of the people…he wants all corrupt government leaders to go to jail, to stay in jail, that is what he wants…to make sure the country is fair and just to all peoples who live in China.

So people who do not live in China do not understand about President Xi and who he is…he is a man who cares for the country, the guajia…to him that is most important…and so now he is trying to the world become better…so Xi is introducing a new idea called BELT AND ROAD INITIATIVE, he wants the world to learn from China…because President Xi is showing the world, that you must first take care of your country, your guojia, then you can take care of the world…so the country and the people are the most important things to President Xi…Now he wants to go to all the world to help people and the countries improve their lives..How???

President Xi believes that first, you must improve the country, improve the roads, improve the highways, improve the schools, improve the hospitals, improve the government and if you improve these, the lives of the people will improve…this is called INFRASTRUCTURES…build the roads, build the trains, build the airways, build the school,s build the hospitals, build the universities, build the farms, build the county so all the people can work if they want to work, and to have a good life…this is what President Xi wants to do…it is very simple to understand…if you improve the country, the people will also improve, and this will allow people to work, grow, plant, do business, etc etc etc etc and the country will prosper and everyone will enjoy the good life. That is why I do not believe president Xi will become another Chairman Mao. We are today living in a very happy, prosperous New China…and President Xi wants everyone to come to help make China the best place in the world, to work and to live and enjoy your life.

Peace passion power, Steve       Xioamen, China March 11, 2018





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