China: home sweet home (2)



SPECIAL NOTE: I was attracted to a small crowd of young people together, under a shady tree…it was a cold winter day and the sun was asleep somewhere. A man or two were passing out some forms to fill for the young people, men and women, or boys and girls in their early and late teens, all anxiously ready to work…I entered a shop next to it…after a few days back to China, I already made friends with the family that owns a store selling some basic things for the home…I asked them about the young people looking for jobs…where would they be going to work? They pointed to all the areas around us…we are in the middle of a Software Park..surrounded by buildings making all kinds of electronic products…the pictures you would often see about news in China…people all dress in smart uniforms pouring over all kinds of electronic products down or up the assembly lines…tedious work…like robots…putting pieces of things together from station to station from one end to the other end…imagine doing this work day in day out…but this is what China needs now…though President Xi is also trying to shift from manufacturing to a consumer society…though for the past 40 odd years, China did become the MANUFACTURER OF THE WORLD..with over 1.4 billion people, young people, without education and high tech skills…will be working in the million assembly lines all over China…China, like old Japan, will continue to make products for its own billion people…China will always be a manufacturing country despite President Xi’s desire to focus on AI and other high tech productions in China…yes, service industries are also here because with all the money, people are also spending lavishly and unselfishly for all kinds of entertainment…I mean anything and everything to keep men and women busy…and they think all the things will add meaning to their boring lives of work work work…for the rich and the poor. Sex is everywhere. Food is everything. Dancing is everything. Travel is everywhere. You name it, China is ready to serve your whims and fancies and your every need…for fun, pleasure and excitement…this is the modern China…more than like the old Shanghai to please the westerners and tourists who came to China then, and now! 

I am impressed with the new busyness that dominates the social and cultural and economic activities in China…money is everywhere you care to look…and people are not shy to take advantage of you so they can become rich and rich and rich! I am happy that now if you are willing to work hard, China is the place for you. Yes, Guanxi is still very much alive…what it means is IT IS NOT WHAT YOU KNOW BUT WHO YOU KNOW…WILL GET YOU SOMEWHERE IN CHINA…it is slowly being removed from the society, but if you live in China, you will know and recognise very quickly that Who you know…still dominates the working lives of 1000s and 1000s of people…the Chinese society is very dominated by families and connections…nothing can erase that…so there are young people today, who are lucky to have parents who know people…people you know within the families or next to the families can determine your fate and future in China…this is the old Confucian society…and it is still very much alive. So Guanxi is still very much in practice here and there in China: it is who you know that will decide your fate…For years, this is true with government jobs…so China is also aware of this…in fact the government continues to try to eliminate this practice within the government…that means cutting down all your relatives working with you or in your department, etc etc etc etc…I wonder how successful the Chinese government is doing in this area…

I am continuously impressed with China and its people…nothing will stop anyone from taking advantage what life or the society has to offer…yes, humble beginnings for many young people today, especially those who are not born with silver spoons in their mouths, or those who have rich and well-known relatives in high places…the opportunities are everywhere now…be willing to work…almost like the American Dream…I see this happening widely and everywhere in China now…dream big and be not afraid to strike out on your own, so much the better and easier if you know someone in high places in China!

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