SPECIAL NOTE: I made a simple decision that I would return to HOME SWEET HOME (China), land of my ancestors every year, as long as I am strong and healthy and able to walk without aid or help or assistance! I CHOSE to live in a small town called  Puyallup (an Indian word), about an hour away from SeaTac Interntional Airport, that sits south of the tourist-infested city of Seattle. I always wanted to live in a rural area, anywhere outside a city. I grew up in a poor dirt farm in Malaysia, so my heart is always centered in a rural setting and environment.

I have many reasons for wanting to returning to mainland China. Every now and then I would come across a new list of the best places in the world to spend the rest of your waking moments…most countries are somewhere in the southern hemisphere, in South America. Why would I want to go there when China is waiting for me…one of the most desirable places for any person who wants a good life..that is China. Seven years as a visiting professor in China have shown me that life in China is simple, safe, enjoyable and life is never boring as China continues to grow and change in front of your eyes daily. It is an exciting place to be now…and especially for the ambitious young professionals, China is THE PLACE to be…opportunities to use your talents, knowledge and experiences are everywhere now in China.

Everyday I would go out of the apartment (nobody in China can afford a regular American house, everyone, like those in Singapore, lives in apartments, that is if you can afford it.) In America, you can still afford to own a house, because there are a variety of houses to choose from, from the cheap to a million dollar house, if you want. Not in China. Some cities try now to building low-cost housing for the low-come Chinese, young and old, but there are so few for anyone to hope to own an apartment in China. The vast majority of Chinese, especially those far away from urban areas or regions, live in very poor conditions…old ancient houses that have been passed down generations. Most foreigners are not interested to see, taste, smell and experience this aspect of the vast Chinese social life…because they do not want to do it…they prefer to go to places with all the modern amenities and facilities and they want to enjoy the good life…what am I saying? I am saying most foreigners, despite coming to China, they do not know or understand or appreciate the real real real China. The Real China is not modern, exciting and thrilling like Hong Kong, Beijing, Shenzhen, Chengdu (the new gay capital in the world like Bangkok)..most westerners unless you are a Christian missionary or someone interested to save the poor children of the world, you are not interested to see and visit and taste the real China…because they are too sad and depressing…I should know, I am also a Chinese, because my grandparents once lived in Fujian Province. Now I live in simplicity but luxury in Washington State in USA…

No matter what, I see a different China each time I return to visit…more and more individuals are able to make money, doing whatever they want to do…you see people everywhere trying to make some money…doing whatever they are interested in doing and there is nothing to stop you. People are making money and some businesses do not require a lot of capital investment…you do not need to own a shop or a place to do business in China. Anything that can be attached to an electric bike or bicycle will do the job for you. That easy…you can move quick and fast…all you need is some skills and the determination to make something and sell to the people. I see this everyday out in the streets in China. That simple to operate a business. It is hard work, but rewarding work and you can make good money selling something…especially any kind of foods for the ordinary people. And China is full of ordinary people…they do not need  expensive restaurants, these are for the rich who can afford to waste and throw away their money. China is a country of diversity…but most important to me, is to see many people trying their best to make money everyday, their way. The simple way. 

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