(America-27) What is creativity? Find out and read this short article by Stephen Dunber!


SPECIAL NOTE:  “…create an environment where people really can be empowered to fail…” and, unfortunately, in Dubner’s thinking…an innovator cannot function in a group. So forget the group or team work, forget brainstorming…because true innovators cannot work in a group…because he does not want to appear a failure or stupid…hm, a very interesting way of thinking. For me, two brains are better than one, obviously I will have to persuade this son of a bitch to my way of thinking…read the article for yourself below. I also believe a simple computer slogan when computer first appeared in our social and technological landscape…remember the famous saying or slogan then? GARBAGE IN GARBAGE OUT…translated into language of a layman…it means, nothing comes from nothing…to me it means, if you want to be creative (unless you are an einstein, etc)…there must be something first inside you…somewhere inside you…because if you take seriously GARBAGE IN GARBAGE OUT, you have to have first the garbage inside you, right? I should appear for the next TED Talk show…yes, creative people have many ideas, and they come from many sources, unless you are born an Einstein, get it??? To me simple logic…then not all of us can think rationally or logically? Agree? Peace passion power, Steve     USA Feb 20


Want to Be Creative AND Successful? Understand the Nature of Creativity — And Success.

o January 7, 2016

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Stephen J. Dubner is an award-winning author, journalist, and radio and TV personality. He is best-known for writing, along with the economist Steven D. Levitt,Freakonomics (2005) and SuperFreakonomics (2009), which have sold more than 5 million copies in 35 languages. Their latest books are When to Rob a Bank…and Think Like a Freak (2014).

Stephen Dubner: There’s an irony in trying to get people to do their best work — but particularly to try new things and to innovate — in that very often the kind of characteristics that are common to someone who will have a good new idea have no overlap with the characteristics that are common to someone who’s really good at presenting in meetings. So it’s kind of like the difference between like sales and R&D, right? So the people that are in your sales or marketing division in a company are very different kinds of person than the people you have in R&D or something else like that.

The problem is if you do the traditional route of trying to encourage innovation by having meetings and, let’s say, let’s brainstorm and talk about what you think a good idea might be, the problem is that the people who might be very best at innovating are often the people who are very worst at presenting in a meeting like that or selling their ideas.

One piece of evidence in that argument is the fact that so many true innovators don’t work in groups. You have to fail a lot when you innovate. And failure in a public setting can really hurt your self-esteem and your self-confidence. So you need to create an environment where people really can be empowered to fail.


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