(Personal-22) About the use of Tiger Balm…a story to share with you


Special Note: See the small bottles on the left of the photo? I wrote about this story in my book GROWING UP CHINESE…it happened to my cousin brother, a tall young athletic man, about to get married. One rainy night, we heard this sudden scream from my cousin brother…somehow a ugly brutal centipede landed on his penis…he was lying on the floor…listening to some music from the radio. We guessed that a centipede was crossing a beam above him (remember in many of the old houses in Malaya in the village at the time…there was no ceiling like the ceiling we have today and that means the beams were exposed…and many insects like roaches, lizards, etc,  would crawl on these beams above us) and somehow it fell on his body. The whole house did not know what to do with his crying and screaming…imagine being attached by a centipede…in those days, we did not have the privilege to go to a hospital or call a doctor…that was unheard of. Most of us simply suffered without any kind of modern medicine. My aunt came rushing with a small bottle of Tiger Balm…it has that immediate soothing effect on any part of the body…soon my cousin brother stopped screaming and drifted into calm sleep for the night. By morning the penis had swollen  beyond the normal size. How could I forget that crisis in our house when I was growing up! Peace passion power, Steve USA Feb 16


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