(Personal-22) THIS IS CHINA is now available at Amazon.com


“This Is China” is available for sale on Amazon.com. on February 15, 2018

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This Is China Paperback – February 15, 2018
by Stephen Ling (Author)
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News headlines in today’s American media are dominated by stories of China’s rising economic growth and ambitions toward global power. Few Americans, however, have insight or in-depth understanding of everyday Chinese culture and traditions. After seven years working and living in China as a visiting professor at a top university in the Fujian province, Stephen Ling shares his unique experience of what it’s like to be fully immersed in the country of his ancestors.

Chinese students are advancing in science and math, but how does this compare to America’s educational system? In the aftermath of female infanticide, how is the country dealing with a shortage of women and the troublesome age gap between younger and older generations? President Xi Jinping passed anticorruption laws to encourage the Chinese government to support the people, working toward the “China Dream” of economic prosperity. But why is talking politics too “sensitive” an issue in schools and discouraged among students?

As a Chinese American, Ling’s distinct observations in This Is China pull back the curtain and expose modern China’s social, cultural, and political climate to inquiring Americans. Discover how China is evolving and why it may just be the next global superpower.


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