(China-49) Flowers bloom in Wuhan, in central China…spring is here!





FIND WUHAN in the center of the Map!

SPECIAL NOTE: I grew up in Malaysia and Singapore and we used HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR when we greeted our friends. In China, people use CHUNJIE or Spring  Festival…because it is the beginning of spring in China! So some flowers are begin to bloom now in China, especially in Wuhan, located in central China. See the wintersweet blooms in the photos above. Here in Puyallup, outside Seattle, where I live, I see some small blooms on a tree! Though it is still very cold here in Washington State…I continue to use my heater in my bedroom because it is cold…I did see beautiful sunny days..but the cold has persisted! Enjoy the rest of the winter! Peace passion power, Steve USA Feb 15, 2018

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