(Personal-21) I met President and Mrs Obama and their two daughters…in my dream last night…here is the story! February 11, 2018


SPECIAL NOTE: February 11 night, a very interesting evening at my private residence, in Puyallup, Washington State, about 1 hour away from the fabulous city of Seattle. Tonight I was a little tired, so I decided to rest in bed, while at the same time trying to listen to my TV, which was in my living room. Though I could not see the TV  screen but I could hear the running reports about the Winter Olympics and the events up the mountains somewhere in South Korea. I suddenly, out of nowhere, I heard the famous Sunday evening 60 Minutes program…and I could hear they were talking about this one famous female senator…who was the first lady to ask his best friend, Al Franklin to step down about allegations of his sexual inappropriate behavior to a female. The TV reporter tried to tell her, the Senator, to be patient and wait for the right time for her friend to step down from the Seante seat…and the Senator defended her stance and said that his best friend the Senator did not have to resign right away,,,but he did! And I could hear her saying…harassment is harassment, and  I will not tolerate it…it does not matter if the guilty person is my best friend…I had no choice but to speak up and out about it…she also said that President Clinton should have resigned from the Presidency when he was involved with a female working in the White House…she is becoming a shining star in the Senate in USA…then I wasn’t sure when I was somewhere in Dreamland…And I was somehow involved in a kind of Family Reality Show on TV..and I tried hard to remember the sequence of my dream (most of us do when we have a dream, trying hard to remember it!!!)..somehow President Obama and his wife and two children appeared in my dream…they were very happy and the President said something like…this is family night…and we will read to our daughters in bed…I saw President and Mrs Obama, all dressed in white…pulling a white blanket over their bodies and started to read to their daughters…then I came into the room or the TV set…to close the door to their bedroom..it was strange that their bedroom was facing a huge parking lot outside…I went and close the door, so people outside could not see what the President was doing…Then I went to another room to talk to a few friends, who were trying to fine tune the Radio Station because they were trying to listen to the 60 Minutes report about the female Senator talking about her reactions to all the sexual harassment now dominating the American social, cultural and political landscape in America…Was I dreaming? Or was I listening to the TV news in my living room…I was in bed…I traveled to my Dreamland and there I met President and Mrs Obama…in my dream! It was early in the evening, around 7 PM, because I do watch the 60 Minutes special report, without fail, every Sunday evening. …………Enjoy the photos of the Obamas after they left the White House, making room for the Trumps to take over the American Presidency 2017! Enjoy the photos of the Obamas…Peace passion power, Steve   USA Feb 12, 2018

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