(Personal-20) GROWING UP CHINESE by Stephen Ling is now available at Amazon.com


SPECIAL NOTE: I am not shy or ashamed to admit that I grew up very poor in a farming community somewhere in the jungles of Malaysia! The tragedy is that my adopted mother had a limited vision of life and my future…she insisted and persisted trying to make me into a farmer…which I detested, disagreed and rebelled against her and her authority and her myopic vision of what I should be when many of our relatives (children of aunts and uncles) were actively pursuing and enjoying professional lives in the big cities like Kuala Lumpur and Singapore…Somehow she could not see how Education and Opportunities are the keys to their successes! Enjoy reading the book, if you can…get it at Amazon.com    Peace passion power, Steve USA Feb 11…Happy Chinese New Year of the Dog!

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