(Personal-19) Happy Chinese New Year to all my friends across the globe..the Year of the Dog! It falls on February 16, according to the Lunar Calendar!


SPECIAL NOTE: I want to share this personal email-letter with all of you across the globe as we Chinese (those in mainland China, Taiwan and millions living in Southeast Asia, and sojourners in many foreign lands, far and near) will be celebrating the Year of the Dog on February 16, based on our Chinese Lunar Calendar. You should be aware that different nationalities have different new years…not just January 1 according  to the western Gregorian Calendar! Enjoy my email-letter to all my friends, old and new, spread across the world. Peace, passion and power, Ly all, Steve   USA February 9, 2018

Stephen Ling, 18910 80th Ave Ct E, Puyallup, Wa 98375, USA    WeChat ID 1962816801

Dear Friend:

Time waits for no man! How very true! February is here now and I will fly to China March 2 to April 15. I returned home to USA after 7 years as a visiting professor in China in the summer of 2015. It is now my habit to return to China every year to learn more about this vast country so I could speak intelligently and persuasively to my many audiences in USA…especially after my 400-page book THIS IS CHINA will be available May 2018 at Amazon.com. From mainland China I will fly to Europe for the first time to see Roberta, who was a teenager when I was his Legal Guardian in Texas. He finished high school and got his bachelor and master degrees while living in Texas. His parents (dad is deceased) and mom now
living with him in Finland, were originally from Venezeula…a very troubled country for years under authoritarian rule.

Because of his proficiency in German, he went to live and work in Austria after his studies in USA.  I did spend a month with him one summer while I was still a teacher in Washington State. He married his sweetheard from Finland, and now has 2 teenage boys. It is time I need to visit them…the last time I saw him was when
he was still a bachelor in Austria.

From Finland I would fly to Lithuania to visit Kevin who was my student in China. He is there to help build or open a new seaport, part of President Xi’s Belt and Road Initiative…a huge infrastructure expansion throughout Europe and other
parts of the world. President Xi has a simple concept: without the basic infrastructures in any country, that country will not grow or expand or flourish. And he is doing it in many parts of the world, beyond China, Eurasia and across the continents. Yes, China is everywhere in the world. France is celebrating the Chinese New Year with fabulous stamps of different breeds of dogs because this is the Year of the Dog. For some time, many across the globe have suggested making the Chinese New Year an international event…with its great music, dances, the famous Lion Dance, and the Dragon Dance…now being performed in major cities in the world. And many across the continents are glued to their TVs to watch the annual Spring Gala, a 4 hour spectacular display of diversity of Chinese culture and traditions across the vast country called China! 

From Lithuania I promised my sister (when I met her in Malaysia last year when I gave a lecture at the University of Malaya) that I would visit her in UK, after an absence of over a decade or two! UK is not contemporary mainland China, where the social and physical landscapes are constantly changing because of the constructions of million high risers as part of the urbanization in China. UK is a very conservative world…it maintains its old traditional look down the centuries. Then from there home to USA by the end of June, 2018.

I hope to celebrate two new books with friends at my residence when I return home. GROWING UP CHINA is just out, now available at Amazon.com. THIS IS CHINA should be available by May, 2018. I just finished negotiating with the publisher CreateSpace, an Amazon company.

My mission for the rest of life is to go out and talk about mainland China with my
400-page book THIS IS CHINA in my hand…I continue to be concerned that many Americans do not care nor show any interest in the rising power of China across the globe…esp with the idiotic Trump in the White House, who continues to
antagonize the rest of the world with his careless speeches and public statements…his attempted withdrawal from the rest of the world pursuing his idiotic AMERICA FIRST mentality and policies, his strange self-imposed segregation from the rest of the civilized world!

May the Almighty God or Allah continue to bless all of us with His wisdom and good health to carry on our mission to share our lives, wealth and experiences to better the lives of all on this fragile planet earth! 

Peace, Passion, Power,  Ly all, Steve                            USA, February 9, 2018

Stephenehling@hotmail.com        WeChat ID 1962816801   Blog: https://getting2knowyou-china.com

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