(America-13) Change Parker was my colleague in China when I was a visiting professor…he has something to say about his motherland, the land of Stupid Trump!


SPECIAL NOTE: This is yours truly, Stephen Ling, in my classroom in China…I want to share with you what Change Parker, a former colleague in China has to say about USA, his motherland…Peace passion power, Steve   USA January 27, 2018

Change Parker
January 25 at 6:40pm •

The United States of America is on my mind. Of what I remember for early middle school civics lesson, 1 thing stands out: United we Stand, Divided we Fall. This seems easy to understand, a truth behind daily truths.
Now I understand that my United States of America is bigger than many American people, because my U.S.A. includes the land, the Earth portion, that is integral to the U.S.A., so my meta-story of the United part of the United States of America is bigger than many Americans.
Yet, I am disturbed by the current President, his Administration, the Republican Party, the Evangelical Christian community and all the corporate and partisan supporters thereof who seem to feel it is patriotic, healthy and socially acceptable to tear down all the human, spiritual and organized government bridges and connections between the races, cultures, genders, rural-urban-suburban communities, religions, and individual people in the United States nation.
Instead, this same group of people have glorified a minority worldview that has recreated absolute political partisanship, reawakened and empowered an autocratic paternalistic white Christian nationalism to run the U.S.A. in their own divisive, degrading, untruthful exclusive ways.
I am an American citizen, and I do not accept this worldview. I believe in We, the US that means United We Stand, with all people currently citizens and living in the United States of America, with the Earth that is our earthly American home, with God the Creator, One before Male or Female, with the Divine Spirit that empowers Change in Humans to be guardians of a healthy planet, a healthy U.S.A., a healthy American human community where Nature’s Laws of inherent balance, strength in diversity, supportive of all life and human free will and choice, in honor and respect of In God WE Trust, the Land of the Brave, We The People (All), Together build Our Future based on mutual respect for our diversity, our democratic ideals of equality, and its norms of behavior and rule of laws, and form of balanced government powers under One Nation, 50 United States, equal votes for all American citizens.
President Trump, the current Republican Party, and all who support his chaos leadership, are deliberately dividing the U.S.A. and the American people, are not real Americans. They wish to install an imperial Presidency, a divided America that encourages people, genders, cultures, races, political parties fighting against each other, not trusting or working together, but rather people who have no hope, sense of power, or ability to generate an economic livelihood to support a stable family life or individual future. This will mean a Future of Divided we Fall, and that will mean no U.S.A.
I say again, United WE Stand, to build a sustainable, richer, happier, more meaningful Future together. This is who real Americans are, and I Am a Real American. This is the Real Truth, not fake news.

From Stephen Ling, author of THIS IS CHINA.

Who is Change Parker? I was a visiting professor in China 2008-2014…Change Parker and I taught in the same campus, TKK College campus, near Xiamen City. Thanks Change, for sharing your perspectives of USA, your motherland, though you married a Chinese woman and now lives happily in China. Nothing is forever, Change, enjoy it while you can. I do want to share something with you, though.
GROWING UP CHINESE is now available at Amazon.com. But my 400 page book THIS IS CHINA, is scheduled to be released some time in late April 2018. Please share my blog with the students…https://getting2knowyou-china.com
My sole purpose of writing this book, not for fame or fortune but my dying concern that many of our Americans do not care about China, and what China is doing across the world and continents. President Xi Jinping of China has a simple philosophy: without all the basic and necessary infrastructures (like roads, trains, schools, hospitals, businesses, highways, etc etc) no country will grow, survive, and expand. That is why I am flying to China to Lithuania, to spend some time with one of our graduates, sent to help open a new seaport in Lithuania, part of President’s ambitious Belt and Road Initiative, now going beyond China, Eurasia, to all the corners of this planet earth. And here is the book I hope you will share it with all my colleagues and students at TKK. I will be in China in March to talk about it. Last year I talked to students at Shaoxing University, a major institution near Hangzhou, and delivered a lecture at the University of Malaya. Everything is possible…
You have to believe in yourself, and just do it, Fuck with the rest of the world! Peace passion power, Steve
Stephenehling@hotmail.com WeChat Id 1962816891 (let us talk on wechat, ok?)


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