(China-37) The “ice boy” is getting a lot of attention, one of millions of “left behind” kids…when parents have to work in far away cities! A crisis…a solution, pouring in!


SPECIAL NOTE: A boy who walked more than 2 miles in heavy snow and literally frozen…”He is a Legend. Incredible courage. He’s so poor, he walks 4.5 kilometres to school arrives with frozen hair & swollen hands. Wang Does his final exam & he scores 99/100.” The world works in a strange way…because of this little boy and his courage, China is suddenly paying attention again, how to help the over 60 millions boys and girls left by their migrant working parents, who have to work in faraway cities to survive…the left behind kids…left with their elderly parents, many are unable to take care of the kids. Jack Ma, one of the richest men in China, is asking all the rich businessmen across China to come together and build dormitory schools to help these kids…we will see how many will join hands with Jack Ma to implement this brilliant idea…Peace passion power, Steve   USA Jan 26, 2018



Donations pour in after ‘Ice Boy’ frozen trek to school moves China
Primary school in rural Yunnan province gifted US$15,000 after child’s chilly commute touches hearts across the country
PUBLISHED : Friday, 12 January, 2018, 12:58pm

Charmmy Zhang


Donations have flooded in after a picture of young boy with his hair and eyebrows covered in ice after a long trek to school during freezing temperatures in a poor area of western China went viral online.

The boy’s father has also been offered a job in his hometown so he will no longer have to leave his family and work away from home.
The first batch of 100,000 yuan (US$15,370) was handed over by the local authorities to Zhuangshanbao primary school in a rural area of Zhaotong in Yunnan province, state broadcaster CCTV reported.

The photograph widely shared on social media in China showed Wang Fuman as he arrived at school after walking about 4.5km (2.8 miles) from home.
Poor Chinese boy’s freezing trek to school touches hearts in China

His hair and eyebrows were covered in frost and his cheeks red with cold after he walked in freezing temperatures in thin clothing.

The picture moved internet users in China, depicting the hardships the boy from a poor family endures to get to school.

Wang is a “left-behind child”, a term used to describe youngsters from poor families whose parents work in cities away from home. The amount of care and support given to left-behind children by the authorities has regularly sparked debate on social media in China in recent years.

State television said that on top of the first donation to the school, 81 pupils were each given 500 yuan in subsidies.

Also, 144 items of warm clothing and heating equipment were donated by an engineering firm, the People’s Dailysaid. The company is also behind the job offer to Wang’s father.

State television quoted the boy as saying: “I’m so happy because many people are helping me and have given me many gifts.”

China has 61 million left-behind children … that is almost Britain’s total population
Wang’s father returned from working away home after his son’s photograph became a viral sensation.

He gave his son pocket money of 5 yuan. The boy was then quoted by the news website Thepaper.cn as saying: “I want to save it for treatment when my parents get sick.”

The Yunnan Youth Development Foundation said it had received over 1.9 million yuan in donations by Thursday afternoon.

The foundation also plans to deliver donations to other left-behind children in nine different cities in Yunnan.
Story of “Ice Boy” With Frozen Hair Goes Viral, Sparks Debate Over Child Poverty

By Will Maule
January 15, 2018

A shocking photo of a young Chinese boy with a completely frozen head of hair has sparked a new debate about child poverty amongst the rural community. The 8-year-old child, dubbed “Ice Boy” was with swollen hands and frost on his hair and eyebrows as he attended school in Ludian County in the south-western province of Yunnan.

The state-run China News Service agency detailed that the boy walks a staggering 4.5 km (2.8 miles) in horrific conditions just to get to school; a journey that takes him an hour to complete. On the day the famed picture was taken, the temperature was -9C, the agency stated.

Manya Koetse@manyapan
This boy walks to school alone in the freezing cold for 4.5 km on a mountainous track, while his parents are away from home working in the city. The trending photo of this Yunnan “ice boy” helps raise awareness on the conditions of China’s rural “left-behind children.”
The photo of “Little Wang” Wang Furman went viral on Monday and has sparked fresh debate over the need for more to be done to care for Chinese children from low-income families. The photo gained particular traction on Chinese social media site Weibo.

Many Weibo users posted messages recognizing Wang’s remarkable fortitude and perseverance. “This child knows that knowledge can change his fate,” one commented. Others, however, were more concerned for his wellbeing. “His frozen little red face and he’s wearing so little, he really looks pitiful,” another person wrote.

The boy was reportedly in good spirits when he arrived at the school on exam day. “It was the first day of the final exam, but when entering the classroom he pulled face, and everyone was amused,” said Fu Heng, the school’s headmaster.

Many others took the opportunity to criticize the government for their lack of action when it comes to providing basic care to the rural community. “What is the local Yunnan government doing about this?” one person asked.

Intrigued by the story of this brave young boy, journalists visited his home to see for themselves the living conditions he faces on a daily basis. “His home is made of mud and brick and is very dilapidated,” reporters from popular site Pear Video said, as reported by Channel News Asia.

Fereshta Kazemi

Ok little #IceBoy from China whose photos went viral, has officially melted my heart.

He is a Legend. Incredible courage. He’s so poor, he walks 4.5 kilometres to school arrives with frozen hair & swollen hands. Wang Does his final exam & he scores 99/100.

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It has also been reported that the boy’s parents are manual laborers who live and work in a different city, leaving Wang and his siblings to fend for themselves. Wang’s story has prompted a campaign in Chinese media for more to be done to help support the education and caregiving needs of these impoverished “left-behind” children.

A few local companies have already sought to respond to the story, offering their financial donations to ensure all children attending the school are provided with suitable clothing. Further financial aid has been offered to help the school upgrade its heating system.

But of those contributing to the conversation online, many have highlighted that the problem goes much further than this one “Ice Boy.”
many poor children there are, helping one is only helping one,” one person noted, receiving 2,000 likes for their comment.

Newsweek reported that more than $300,000 has now been raised for the child after the photo received widespread media attention. The Yunnan Youth Development Foundation announced:

“As of January 12 at 16:00, the Communist Youth League of Yunnan Province, Yunnan Youth Development Foundation launched the “youth warm winter action” since the payment, Tencent music donations, bank transfer, CCB scanning payment, etc. raised a total of 2159100.58 yuan (Details of the donation list will be subsequently posted on the official website), the use of charitable donations will then be announced on the organization’s official website, Weibo and WeChat.”

In addition to the financial support that is pouring in for Wang and his family, the South China Morning Post reported Friday that the boy’s father has been offered a job in his hometown so he will no longer have to leave his family and work away from home.

When his Father recently returned home, he reportedly gifted Wang with 5 yuan as pocket money. The boy’s response? “I want to save it for treatment when my parents get sick.”
China is home to some 61 million “left-behind” children, equivalent to almost the entire population of Britain.


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