(China-25) Christmas means money in China…after all it is about money all the way in America, where I live!


Beijing, the capital of China

SPECIAL NOTE: My first Christmas in China: I noticed many students would give as gifts, wrapped apples…why apple? The Chinese characters or words for apple is: Pinguo…Ping in Chinese means Peace. So it is only appropriate that the young generation would give apples as presents to their friends…I received quite a few apples. I did something to surprise a few of my favorite students: to eat apples dipped in “chocolate sauce”, something they never had before. I bought a few Snicker bars, melt them and added some condensed milk to it…yes, I showed them how to eat apples, the American way during this festive season! Some members of the current Chinese government are concerned about the influence of western holidays in China…the youth of today is very open to western celebrations, and I wonder how the Chinese government plans to “curtail” or “stop” them from doing it! My feeling in China is simple: anything western is good for us! After all many young people are everywhere in the world…as students or tourists! Enjoy the rest of this festive season in the world: The new year is very empty in USA! It means nothing compared to our celebration of the Chinese New Year, the most important holiday in the Chinese lunar calendar! Peace, Happiness, Ly all, Steve  Dec 27, 2017


Christmas in China: Shopping spree plus Valentine’s Day
Source:Global Times Published: 2017/12/24

As countries around the world are on high alert concerning potential terrorist attacks during Christmas, celebrations are proceeding as planned in China, despite sporadic restrictions from local government organizations and educational institutions.

In Beijing, giant Christmas trees dominate major shopping malls and cafes alike to woo customers, while the halls of major business areas are decked with festive decorations.

In fact, Chinese business owners are fully embracing the cultural event in order to turn it into a consumer carnival.

It’s been a good business period for restaurants, pubs and anyone involved in the catering industry.

Farmers are taking advantage of the similar pronunciations of the Chinese name for Christmas Eve (ping’an ye) and the word for apple (pingguo) to sell the fruit as something that must be eaten the night before Christmas, while hotel owners are marketing the holy night as a romantic event for couples in love.

Chinese experts have stated that there is no need to target non-local cultural events like Christmas, as most Chinese are simply enjoying it as an opportunity to eat, shop and have fun.

Global Times

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