(Personal-16) Round the world…flying one direction, from USA to China to Europe to UK to USA…my trip 2018


Wearing my Indian clothes, sitting on a desk, talking to students!


Here with David, a journalism graduate, now working in Xiamen, here with his parents and little nephew Peter

SPECIAL NOTE: I wrote a simple letter to share with many friends around the world about my travel plans for 2018. The good news is: GROWING UP CHINESE will be out sometime in December. Right now I am negotiating with a publisher for my next book THIS IS CHINA…they suggested I should divide it into 2 volumes because it has about 400 pages! At the moment I decided against publishing 2 volumes. THIS IS CHINA is an important book for me because I have been waiting for it to be published so I could use it to talk to Americans about China…the role of China in the modern world. With Stupid Trump isolating himself from the rest of the world, China, like oil, is slowly rising to the top of the world, to win the respect of many nations around the globe: China’s gain, USA’s loss! Thank your stupid myopic ignorant president for this! Enjoy the holidays…if you want to regain the place of USA in the world, make sure you vote for the right people to go to Washington DC…yes, that is the privilege of a democratic society like USA! Happy holidays. LY all, Peace, Steve

Stephen Ling
18910 80th Ave Ct E
Puyallup, Wa, 98375

Email: stephenehling@hotmail.com
USA WeChat and QQ ID: 1962816801
Cell USA 253-258-5327

Dear Hello:

I was in China, Malaysia (to attend a high school reunion and also to deliver a lecture at the University of Malaya), Australia and New Zealand March to May, 2017. Dr YouLi, decided to settle in Christchurch, NZ, after he received
his Phd in Biology from Xiamen University. Soon he will move into his own
house in NZ. Please plant some fruit trees, I advised him. Privileged to talk to students in Robotics, Mechanics, and Business English classes at Shaoxing U, China. Unbearable heat in China led me to return home to USA a week earlier than planned.

Here is my ambitious plan to see friends (I hate labeled a tourist!!) using my round the world itinerary from March to June 2018.

Tentative dates for my trip to China, to Finland, to Lithuania, to Uk, to USA. Estimate cost 2000 usd!

March 2 USA to China (ZhangZhou City, near Xiamen, Fujian))
April 16 Finland (First time westward to Europe to see JRCarrero/family)
April 30 Lithuania (Ex-student involved with building a port facility)
May 13 England (Home of my sister and friends)
June 15 – USA

I need to spend my savings though I continue to help some students: one doing his phd in Japan, one doing phd in Hong Kong, one preparing for his phd at Brown University, one started medical studies in China, one in postgraduate studies in China, and an undergraduate student in China.
My goal: help others to achieve their dreams!

Recently my boss in China, Yang Kun, and I spent some time to revise some sections of Book 1 of English Speaking (ISBN 978-7-5685-0486-7) using the feedback from the publisher. Before I left China in 2015, I was assigned the task of writing two textbooks (publishers and professors
met in Dalian for consultation on new textbooks) for students who are studying English in Chinese universities across China. Both books are published for use in China in 2017 and are available through Amazon.cn.
I could not be happier!

A visible legacy I left in China.

This summer I had the distinct privilege to invite Jake, now a postgraduate student in Information Technology, Minnan Normal University, ZZ City to spend two weeks with me in USA. Alex (a phd student in finance) and Darren (a phd student in automobile technology) visited me on their way back to China to see their parents. Crane, a high school student spent some time with me before he left for Beijing. He has returned to study in a private high school in the east coast.

I continue to polish my manuscript THIS IS CHINA with an editor now before leaving for China in March 2018.

GROWING UP CHINESE is now with a publisher and will be out some time in December, 2017.

Enjoy what you do, and do what you enjoy…
Life is too short…seize every opportunity. Carpe Diem!

I only live once this life and any good I can do, I will with
God’s blessings and guidance!

Warm hugs,
Ly Steve

November 21 , 2017


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