(Success-14) Meet 3 young men in Hong Kong, stories of what they did to be who they are today in Hong Kong…


SPECIAL NOTE: You should be inspired by three young men in Hong Kong, who are making a mark on Hong Kong’s economy. Here are 3 stories about their lives, their success and the defining moments that have made them who they are today. Dr Allan Zeman shares their stories with you in his interviews with the three of them…the purpose of sharing stories is to inspire you to do something with your life…if he can do it, I should be able to do it, too! Happy Holidays, Christmas is a time of giving and sharing! Steve December 8, 2017

Stories of youth, experience and success in a changing world
Hong Kong was built on a can-do attitude and a spirit of entrepreneurism. Three conversations with entrepreneurs from different generations highlight how these qualities continue to define the city today.
: Wednesday, 01 November, 2017
South China Morning Post

Andy Chan // Allan Zeman
Andy Chan is a busy young man who is taking Hong Kong’s emerging fintech sector by storm. The earnest and energetic co-founder of Qupital, a nimble little start-up, Andy helps connect SMEs with investors who release much-needed cash flow by leveraging unpaid invoices – opening up a new source of working capital for the businesses and an innovative short-term investment at the same time.

In his engaging chat with Allan Zeman, Andy describes Qupital in terms of the Chinese philosophy of business success – ‘timing, people and location’. He says that with Hong Kong’s technology ecosystem flourishing, our city’s enviable position as a global trade hub and being surrounded by the right people, Qupital is perfectly positioned to help businesses in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau and further afield.

Andy’s defining moment? Graduating top of his high school class. Allan’s? Graduating from the school of hard knocks. Watch their interview and hear how a shared respect for innovation and hard work has created a bridge between two generations of entrepreneurs.

Venturing into new ground, testing hypotheses against how markets react, adapting your solution… that’s something that’s always been in my heart.
Companies are really about people – having the right people, having the good people and having leadership. A leader is someone who paints the vision for the company.

Otto Ng // Allan Zeman
As an idealistic and perceptive young architect, MIT-educated Otto Ng spends a lot of time thinking about people – how they interact with spaces, how they see the world, but most of all how architects can make places special for them.

As one of the young game changers shaping Hong Kong’s future, the thoughtful, creative Otto produces innovative architectural designs for clients around the world through LAAB Architects, the four-year-old Hong Kong laboratory for art and architecture.

Allan Zeman also believes in learning from people. His mutually respectful conversation with Otto explores how 21st century design should be led by people’s needs and the prevailing fashion trends, but driven by the wonders of new technology – as is LAAB’s design for a new photography-centric cultural hub called f22 foto space.

Watch the interview to hear about Otto’s defining moment, which orbits around an eye-opening design for a transformable micro-apartment, and to learn about how Allan has learned to see beauty everywhere, even when others do no

We are designers, we are architects. We are looking at different things, paying attention to details, wherever we are.
I always look at things for what they could be. Look beyond – I see beauty when other people see lap sap.

David Yeung // Allan Zeman

David Yeung is Hong Kong’s apostle of the green lifestyle. Calm and collected yet bright-eyed and enthusiastic, David is the founder of Green Monday, a social enterprise looking to open people’s minds to food insecurity and other social-environmental issues, and Green Common, a chain of plant-based concept stores. He is working to shift society towards healthy, sustainable and mindful living as he travels his road. The destination? A healthy future for all of us.

David exudes a gentle charm as he chats with Allan Zeman, explaining how his plant-based movement will create a green economy and transform the future of food through a totally new business model that combines an old-school love of food and a reverence for great taste with the power of big data, personalised online menus and home delivery.

David shares his defining moment with Allan, describing how his overwhelming need to cause no harm or suffering to any living creature led him to become a vegetarian and launched his green career. Watch to find out how David will make “you are what you eat” much more than a catchphrase for 21st century Hong Kong.

…The next phase of what we are building is personalising food to each individual, and bridging the gap to truly empower people to choose the right food
I admire you because you’ve taken a part of your life and used that to define what your future is going to be

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