(Personal-15) Happy holidays and Merry Christmas, from USA


Helloooo? …Anyone home?…It’s me, Steve!…

Let me take this opportunity to wish all the people I care and love around

the world a very happy merry Christmas…I also want you to know

GROWING UP CHINESE should be available at Amazon.com some time
in December. CRAZY AMERICANS is available for the last few years. I am now trying to finish editing and revising my 6th book: This is China (over 350 pages!)…before I fly to China March 2018, and from there to Europe, my first time—Finland, Lithuania, and UK, to USA. Round-the-world schedule because you fly in one direction! Once my China book is published, I am looking forward to talking about China, land of my ancestors, to those who are blissfully ignorant about what China is about! Go to my blog and read an article in Personal-13 about why I bother to write about China! Blog: https://getting2knowyou-china.com (share it with friends who might benefit from it).
Enjoy the holidays…save some money for the rainy days!

Peace Passion Power, Ly all,  Steve          USA December 2, 2017
Tel: 253 258 5327 (USA)        WeChat ID 1962816801          stephenehling@hotmail.com

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