(Success-11) USA: an “Indian” 11-year girl won a top prize with her “invention”

SPECIAL NOTE: You can call me any name or thing you want...her name Gitanjali Rao tells me a few things about her: I could be very wrong, but she is an Indian girl, and comes from a privileged family...her Indian father and mother could be high-tech people (Because many Indians here in America are high … Continue reading (Success-11) USA: an “Indian” 11-year girl won a top prize with her “invention”


TEN As I said earlier, the Malay Peninsula (or Malaya) and Singapore are like conjoint twins. A causeway, carrying a vital supply of drinking water to Singapore, forever linked them together. It’s also a bridge for the migration of Chinese, but few Malays, from the north. Need I repeat that Singapore was predominantly Chinese? The … Continue reading CRAZY AMERICANS – Chapter Ten


- 34 - CHAPTER NINE I encountered another Chinese tradition related to brother’s wedding. And that was the overt display, especially at the main entrance to the house, of the Chinese character luck, turned upside down, confusing to a kid like me, just learning to read and write Chinese. I thought somebody might have committed … Continue reading GROWING UP CHINESE – Chapter Nine


- 29 - CHAPTER EIGHT Born and raised in a traditional Chinese family, we grew up to accept that filial piety meant total submission to higher authorities, your parents; their words and decisions absolute, non-negotiable, indisputable, like a command from the emperor. And our parents, in their eternal wisdom, chose the mate for you for … Continue reading GROWING UP CHINESE – Chapter Eight