(China-7) Sharing “kittens” in China?


SPECIAL NOTE: “Sharing” in China is part and parcel of E-commerce in China. The most obvious one, to the world, is the use of bicycles from London to Singapore! Most of us “outsiders” might not realize that aspiring students have learned to “share” their bodies? intellect? time? charm? company? for a price! They are not shy about advertising themselves in some online outlets and you “both” can negotiate the price and length of time…for anything you want! This idea of sharing permeates just about different social aspects of Chinese life…sharing wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, and now your cat, for a price! Why not! Recently I was at the Nanchang airport and my friend told me he would be “sharing” his car with a female he had picked up somewhere in the vicinity of his neighborhood…and he would be “paid” for the service! Sharing is everywhere you care to look in China! So, if you need someone to “purr” around your neck, or face, or….the cats are on the way??? for a price! Now you wonder how the Chinese are known as the “JEWS” of the east! If they can sell you a dead fish, they will! Steve November 11, 2017

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