Stephen Ling studied journalism and economics at the University of Texas. He lives outside Seattle, God’s paradise on earth. After 7 years as a visiting professor in China, he hopes to use his experiences in his book, THIS IS CHINA, his 6th book, to talk about the role of China and its inevitable impact on world peace and prosperity. Today, China is the envy of the world, “predicted” to overtake USA sooner than later. The core of China’s President Xi Jinping’s message: Let us all work together to achieve peace, harmony and prosperity for the whole world! That without the right and proper infrastructures in a country, a country will not grow and expand and help the citizens to have a better life and future and well-being! And he is “doing” it…China’s business and technological accomplishments are everywhere in the world, right at my backyard in America! We should all learn from each other for the betterment of the world. We are living in a world without “borders”…In my blog, I will share with you Personal stories, Success stories, China stories, America stories, International stories (significant developments from across the planet earth), and also my two books–CRAZY AMERICANS and GROWING UP CHINESE–to enrich our thinking and our lives, now and in the days to come. It is imperative that we learn from each other…I compare myself to a beggar who finds the food and shares it with other beggars of the world! So stay hungry!  Share my blog with your friends if you think they will benefit from it:  GROWING UP CHINESE is just out at THIS IS CHINA is now available at February 15 . you can get a copy of the book at ..        Enjoy reading it and share it with your friends.

Peace passion power, Ly all, Steve   USA

Email: stephenehling@hotmail,com    WeChat ID: 1962816801  Blog:


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One thought on “Biography-Mission

  1. “””Aging is the knowledge “”

    N’ISHYAKA NYARWANDA RYABANYARWANDA,East African community,Africa ( USA II ) & THE WORLD KUMPAMVU MUTAYOBEWE : r2uda International Legacy = ibigwi bya R2uda mpuzamahanga.Inyangamugayo zakataraboneka kuva isi yaremwa.Kubwa ADAMU NA EVA.R2UDA IS MADE UP OF 5 LETTERS.


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