(Personal-9) Mr. Bryan Fagan, I believe you can save me!


SPECIAL NOTE: In case you wonder which one is Mr Fagan?…he is the first one on the top left. But there is a problem here! Which left? My left or his left? Early one morning many moons ago in a hospital here in Puyallup, a small quiet town outside Seattle, the hospital staff was preparing me for a major operation on my ‘left’ ear~ While waiting for the operation theater, I was reading an article in Time magazine…about a black man who was suing a hospital somewhere in the jungles of USA for ‘amputating’ a wrong leg! The confusion in English: if you look at his photo (or the man in front of you)…his ‘right’ leg is our ‘left’…anyway, they amputated a wrong leg! He got millions for the mistake! I would prefer my ‘original’ leg than millions! …Hospitals these days are smart to do one essential thing when dealing with operations: now they would mark on your body where the operation is to take place…literally using something like a black marker and put a “x” where they would operate on you…smart move! …Look at the picture of Mr. Fagan, he is the first man on the top left…Why am I talking to Mr. Fagan…not because he is well-liked, prosperous Family Law Attorney in Texas (Spring, Texas), not because he is simply famous for doing what he is going…helping families to solve their private matters…I am asking him FOR HELP because of what happened last night…I had called my nephew to tell him that a famous Texas lawyer–MR BRYAN FAGAN–is reading my blog…hm! His immediate response to me: Uncle, you are in trouble? “Trouble, what trouble?” He went on to warm me of ‘copyright violations’? Are you kidding me, I said. “You have a blog and you are using materials that are not yours, uncle? Get it?” It is called…”C-O-P-Y-R-I-G-H-T infringement!” He spelled each letter clearly, slowly and distinctively! Mr. Fagan is a lawyer, he continued, and he is warning you…go on doing what you are doing, you might end up in court. In court? Kidding right? …I am not versed or schooled in legal matters…As an American I do know we live in a society where many people could not wait to ‘sue’ you for money…like driving an old car, and deliberately ‘hitting’ you? to get claims for a slight damage? Or, you hear so often…”talk to my lawyer” as if a lawyer will solve every problem for you…but the cost of this stupid casual talk “talk to my lawyer”…in our modern society. So Mr. Fagan, since you are following my blog (getting2knowyou-china.com), is my nephew correct? I studied journalism and economics at the University of Texas (Austin)…I do not have a law degree though one time I was interested to study law…Am I in trouble with the law…for using news, stories and reports from different sources, violating copyright laws??? I do not want to go to jail, though I had said million times maybe jail would be a good place to write my next book…ahahahahahaha!…How can I forget about the ‘privileges’ or ‘rights’ of people in American jails?…remember how ‘residents’ in one jail once got pissed because they felt they needed better foods? And almost rioted over this and the prison immediately granted their wish? The best one is a report by ’60 Minutes’ (CBS, every Sunday evening)…years ago…some ‘jail birds’ came up with the idea that they too had certain ‘religious rights’ to practice their religion. Yes, 60 Minutes captured what was going on then in this particular prison: men asked for and they got it…religious freedom to worship the way their God had told them: so if your God said sex is part of your religious ritual, you got it! Yes, men were exploiting so-called religious freedom in a prison…What I saw then were men doing what they wanted to do, to get out of their cells…out in the open air…because their God had told them to read the Bible and meditate out in the courtyard inside the prison!….I think jail is a good place to spend some of my free time, to write my next book (7th)…if you do not like the foods, you protest? In the name of ‘my rights as a prisoner or jail bird’.  I am, like every citizen of this country, entitled to certain rights! …So Mr. Fagan, am I in trouble with the ‘copyright laws’ by sharing stories and articles that are not written by me, but are available to me…at my doorstep! Your wisdom and guidance would be much appreciated…before I forget I do want to share something sad and funny and intriguing on NHK.com (the most famous Japanese TV network, all in English)…they did a report about how many old Japanese men today, some neglected and abandoned by their adult children and the society (aging problems are everywhere in the world today…post WW2 children!!!!) would deliberately steal something in a store so they could go to jail…and when they are released, they would repeat it again, so they could return to jail? Why this tragic phenomenon now going on in Japan. Yes, Japan! Simple, the senior citizens know they would get all the attention by workers in the prisons or jails…so much so, the TV says, jails in Japan today have become senior centers or nursing homes…because many of the old people need medical care and attention. I have no problem understanding this tragic tale…suicides among the senior citizens are on the rise in countries, yes, countries like Singapore, Korea, Japan…because the ‘old people’ feel they have no reason to live…death would be the best for them. At least in Japan, old men find a create way to continue to live in Japan…in jails, they will get all the attention, caring, and quiet living with others, in the same boat! …of course, this is also going on in American jails, for different reasons…anyway, Mr Bryan, I am at the mercy of the copyright laws…what is your advice? Your guidance and wisdom would be much appreciated. Steve November 6




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