(Personal-8) JJ Chen (China) and his visit to USA to see me! June, 2017

SPECIAL NOTE: About the video attached…friends in China told me they cannot access this video: my apologies. If you live in America, where I live, you will have no problem to access it! Ly all, Steve Nov 6, 2017

Special Note: I invited Jake to visit USA June 2017. My way to thank Jake for being a faithful friend during my 7 years in China, working on the publicity posters for my Talk Show on the campus, and always there when I needed someone to help with my computer. Jake continues to do this, via the Remote Control, now that I am back in USA..to work on my book THIS IS CHINA. Of course I met Jake when he first attended my class…at the time my class was opened to all students from different departments in the campus in China. I was a teacher in the English Language department. He was a student in computer science. Jake got my attention because he was there physically but I felt his mind was always wandering, unable to pay attention to what was going on in class. He confessed to me during our first meeting that he had problems concentrating in classes…so I arranged for him to sit directly in front of me…one way to help him focus on ME and what I was doing in class!
Jake will soon graduate with a master degree in Computer Information Security and will soon embark on his career once he is done with his graduation papers! Steve November 4, 2017

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