(Personal-6) THIS IS CHINA – email letter


SPECIAL NOTE: I decided to write an email letter to over 60 friends, most in the United States of America to tell them I am available to talk to any group about China…the country of my ancestors. Once THIS IS CHINA is published, hopefully early next year, I will be busy knocking on doors to allow me the chance to share with them what I had experienced and learned about China during my 7 years as a visiting professor in mainland China, the country of my grandparents. If you have something you want for me to share it with my readers, please send it to me, ok? We can all learn from each other. Enjoy my email letter below.  Steve November 3, 2017  


Stephen Ling
18910 80th Ave Ct E
Puyallup, Wa 98375                                                          stephenehling@hotmail.com
USA                                                                                      WeChat ID 1962816801

November 3, 2017

Hello? Anyone home?…

Why the business card? Since I started writing my 6th book THIS IS CHINA
during my last semester as a visiting professor in China (2014), I was
planning my next move after returning home to the Pacific Northwest…
that I will spend the rest of my life “spreading the gospel” of China,
land of my grandparents; they were recruited by the Malayan Government
in 1903 to form an agricultural colony in a remote area of the Malay Peninsula…
for the sole purpose to grow rice, the government’s endeavor to curtail
importation of rice from other SE Asian countries. Grandpa was one of
the “poorest of the poor” to embark on this journey because the Malayan
Government had sent an American Methodist missionary who could speak
the Hokchia dialect of my people, and had worked in China for years.

The business card is one way for me to let Americans know I am ready to
talk to you about China, the once mysterious land, clouded in communist
secrecy, but a new China willing to share the secrets of their progress,
economically and technologically…especially with President Xi’s new
Belt and Road Initiative…a strategy first to build the infrastructures to
facilitate international and world trade…Yes, China is not interested to
“colonize” the world but China is profoundly interested to use its
“socialism with Chinese characteristics” to benefit the world…President
Xi knows only too well because of peace within China since its founding
in 1949…that China is able to develop first internally to better the lives
of over 700 million people (out of poverty) before it can contribute to
the peace, happiness, harmony and prosperity in the rest of the world!

China’s foreign policy is based on the Five Principles of Peaceful Co-existence…
seeking not to interfere with any country in the world (including North
Korea!) but to seek peaceful means to solve all international conflicts…
Again China knows WAR does not solve international conflicts that
continue to destroy many countries in the world today!

I want to share my experiences after 7 years as a visiting professor in China…
and the fact I grew up a Chinese in a traditional Chinese society outside
mainland China. Mainland China has changed “radically” because
of Chairman Mao’s communism…and it is true that if you want to know and
appreciate the “authentic” Chinese culture and traditions, one must visit
the Chinese and Chinese communities, untarnished by Mao’s communism,
outside of mainland China: in places like Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the
Chinese Diaspora in Southeast Asia. This is according to true China-watchers!
Since the reforms and opening up of China in early 80s under Deng Xiaoping
leadership, there is an intense resurrection of old beliefs, practices and traditions
in China today, including the Spring Festival, burial rites, and major national
holidays…including university education, that almost vanished with the
rise of Chairman Mao from 1949 to 1976 (the year
he died). But the new modern China is not a replica of pre-1949 China…

I wish all of you will have a chance to visit mainland China, the 21st century
China! I will return to my motherland every year to enjoy modern China and
to continue to learn more about China to enrich my own understanding and
appreciation of what China can contribute to the peace and prosperity of
the world! China’s influence and impact is now way beyond Eurasia!

Yes, I am available to talk to any group who is interested to know more about
mainland China, the land of my ancestors.

Thank you Assunta Ng, Publisher of the NW Asian Weekly, for your moral support.

Peace passion power,

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